31st Annual ESEM Conference

European Seminar in Ethnomusicology (ESEM) Conference: Making a Diference – Music, Dance and the Individual

16-20 September 2015
Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University of Limerick, Limerick

The Irish World Academy will host the 31st European Seminar in Ethnomusicology (ESEM) in September.
Scholars from across Europe and beyond will explore the ways in which attention to individuals (musicians, dancers, listeners, producers, promoters, activists and, indeed, people who occupy any of the myriad roles relevant to dancing and musicking) might offer a usefully different perspective than the more usual and well-established approaches in ethnomusicology and ethnochoreology to the study of music/dance in relation to social groups.
Presenters will examine how individuals act upon and affect the worlds in which they live, what their relationships to communities around them are and what individuals’ distinctive roles are in the making of music and dance.
Four participants on the project City Sonic Ecology – Mojca Kovačič, Ana Hofman, Srđan Atanasovski and Marija Dumnić – will give papers at this conference, while the project leader Britta Sweers will chair the ICTM SEM Forum Paper Session Facing Poverty and Other Urban Problems: Scholarly Engagement and the Musical Enactment of Change.
Full programme can be downloaded here.